RX/SeaPort, your Brexit gateway



RX/SeaPort is making the Port of Zeebrugge BREXIT-proof by bringing together all necessary actors in one platform. In this way, all data required for the BREXIT administrative context will be digitally processed. The final goal is that the physical traffic flow does not get interrupted because of the BREXIT-related document flow.

Unique portal

RX/SeaPort is the digital connection between all actors in the logistics chain in Zeebrugge. It is a unique portal, which allows to create a single connection to exchange data/information between all parties involved, such as logistic companies, terminals, shipping companies and beside this also public bodies like customs and port authorities.


The administrative process in cargo transport is strongly simplified and digitized. All participants directly reduce their postal and courier costs. Indirectly, this ensures profit in time and optimization of planning.

RX/SeaPort, your Brexit gateway
What we can offer you

Customs Import Manifest

Submitting customs import manifest (entry summary declaration and cargo declaration) and reporting of these activities.

Export Cargo

Preliminary enrolment, status survey, administration OK, gate in terminal; loaded on board.

Import Cargo

Status survey import cargo (unloaded from sea-going vessel, commercial release, customs inspection, customs release, gate out terminal).

Cargo Declaration

Automatic report of dissimilarities between the unloading list of the terminal operator and the customs cargo declaration.

Hinterland Connections

Status survey rail transport – rail planning. Status survey inland navigation – barge planning. Uniform preliminary enrolment truck visit to terminals.

RoRo/ Container Basic Messages

PreAnn, On-Terminal, ready for pickup, left, …